Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bumpdate Weeks 19 & 20

19 weeks20 weels

How far along: 20 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 8-9 pounds I love how I kept track last time and this time. I have gained double the weight and look so much bigger!

Maternity clothes: Mix of maternity and regular and when I say regular it is mainly my clothes with elastic. I have purchased several maternity items on clearance so I am not wearing the same 7 things over and over. Now it will just be the same 10 things.

Gender: A still unnamed Boy!

Movement: He is starting to move more throughout the day, but Emmy definitely was more of a mover at this point.

Sleep: Okay. I get up to go to the restroom at least once a night, but Emmy has been going through a spurt where no matter when I lay her down she is waking before 6. It.Is.Killing.Me. Any tips? I have tried earlier, later and everything in between. This too shall pass, right?

Cravings: Chocolate chips. It is a sad addiction. Note to others…when you run out of chocolate chips and need them asap – Braum’s does not sell them, but Walgreens does. I hope I have helped humanity out.

Symptoms: I had a two-day one hour bout of nausea, which was weird. It would come and go within an hour. Also, wow, hormones because mama has been angry. Like wake up from my sleep angry. Over really nothing. This is not typical for me…unless I haven’t had food. But hangry is another category.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing the baby tomorrow, working on his room, getting somewhat organized. Ha!

Best moments: This week Emmy said she wanted to go to baby brother’s room, which was precious. She also loves to play with his clothes!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A book review

I am sure I have mentioned before, but I am a huge fan of audio books. I love that they work double duty – entertainment as I drive and, well, just entertainment.  I turn my audible subscription off and on when I am on a reading kick and I also will check out audiobooks from my library’s app (Overdrive for you locals) and play them through my car’s Bluetooth. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some recent book hits and misses.

First, let’s talk about the hit – Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky Bailey. I found this author through a friend who liked her page on FB – Conscious Discipline. She always has some practical tips, so I decided to buy the book.

Wow. The first chapter had me hooked. Basically, much of the book is common sense, but we only know how to discipline based off how we are disciplined.  The premise of the book is we are who are children emulate – if we want our children to value activity, we have to show them that we go to the gym, if we want them to be good stewards to humanity, we have to act it out for them.

One of the first examples in the book was that when teaching our children to share, if they take something out of another child’s hand, we typically pull it away from them and give it back to the other child, which actually just reinforces the taking of objects from another person. Sigh. Le obvious.

If I had to get down to the nitty gritty of the book, it is basically about using positive phrases for getting your child to do something like telling them to sit on their bottom vs. don’t stand in the chair because they only hear the action they are not supposed to do (stand in the chair).

And when telling your child not to hit, push, etc., follow up and practice with them on the action you want them to take.  For example, you say pushing hurts, if you want the object from your friend ask her please, if she says no, get another toy to play with. I started it with Emmy immediately and she really gets it.  As mentioned in my previous post, she knows that when she is angry and frustrated she can’t hit people (not that she always does this), but has started hitting the walls and other objects, so we are now working with her on appropriate ways to get out her aggression…and maybe hit a pillow. I think this would honestly help the earlier you start with a child. I think starting this with a 3-4 year old would be a challenge because they likely won’t listen.  Ha!

Another big idea was to not ask your kids things – just simply state what you want them to do. Don’t ask if they want to brush their teeth and have them say no and then begin an argument about how they actually, indeed, need to do that. Instead tell them it is time to brush their teeth.

Of course, there is a chapter about giving them two choices…but we all know how that goes. Oh, or is that just here?

The other premise of the book is that kids actually cannot push our buttons. They aren’t capable of it, especially small ones.  She gets into the details of it in the book, but I could see what she was saying, even though it is a huge practice of patience:).

The book is really great at the beginning, slow in the middle and picks up again at the end, but it made so much sense to me and has been a very positive way to discipline Emmy without resorting to yelling at her to make a point (ha – thus far).  So, I highly recommend it.

As for book misses, I can’t begin to express my disappointment in one of my favorite author’s, Emily Giffin. Her new book, The One and Only, came out in May and I downloaded it immediately.  If you have ever read any of her other books, they are all very layered and really make you think, but are still light at the same time.  This one had none of that for me.

Sort of spoiler alert: This book is about a girl who is a football fanatic and falls for both the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys (yeah, right) and her best friend’s father who is the famed coach of a made-up Texas college. Let’s just say that I had the most difficult time wrapping my head around her falling for her best friend’s dad. It would be one thing if they were best friend’s from later in life and then she fell for him, but no, she has known him since she was born. Wrap your head around that one. I just couldn’t imagine any attraction on either one’s part. And the book really lacked substance for me. I hope Emily does better next time.  Anyone else read it?  Was I the only one completely disappointed (and grossed out)?

Would love to know any of your favorite books to put on my playlist! I just downloaded the new Think Like a Freak book, so I will let you know what I think of that one. 

Also, as an aside, if you have satellite radio, The Today Show is now on 108. I can’t get enough, so my book listening is waning in the morning! As a tip, if you have Sirius (or want it), never pay full price for it. Right now they have a 6-month special for $25.  I always threaten to cancel at renewal and they renew me for $4 – $5 a month. As an added bonus, Emmy loves Kidz Bop radio.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

21 months

At 21 months Emmy is part sweetest girl in the world and part diva teenager! She is, of course, all of the cheesy things parents say – the light of our life and source of all joy, but it cracks us up how we will have the most loving, precious child and the next day be faced with toddler attitude times 1,000 (this includes full on toddler fits on the floor with screaming and throwing of objects). One funny thing about the fits is that she knows she can’t hit people, so she has started hitting the wall with her hands.

iphone pics 041414 072

iphone pics 041414 076

This sweet girl had lots of exciting firsts these past three months. I have to say her number one favorite is ice cream! Definitely a special occasion treat! The cutest thing was that the whole time she ate the ice cream, she kept saying “Thank you.” The next morning when I asked her if she liked her ice cream she was still saying thank you! Poor, deprived child!

iphone pics 041414 132

Sue Sue also gave Emmy her first pigtails and they are darling!!!

iphone pics 041414 174 iphone pics 041414 167

Emmy had her second hair cut and first sucker back in May. It was super cute because when the girl was through cutting her hair, she said, all done, so Emmy handed her the sucker back!

This same weekend Emmy got sick and had to take her first antibiotic for strep throat. She hated the medicine, so she got sugar in it 3 times a day. (I have an allergy to penicillin and since I had to go to a different doctor over the holiday weekend, this one decided to put her on some terrible tasting one that she wouldn’t have a reaction to. The first three days of unsugared medicine were “fun.’')

iphone pics 041414 224

We went blueberry picking with cousins Max and Drew and she absolutely ate her weight in blueberries!

iphone pics 041414 306iphone pics 041414 307 

Emmy also shared her first real popsicle with her cousins Finley and Tatum. She is a fan. She gets a “popsicle” every day (she calls it hosicle) that is a frozen yogurt pouch. It is definitely a daily highlight!

We also went to Bartlesville’s Kiddie Park. I think it was still a little big for her. She only went on this ride by herself, but she had fun.

iphone pics 062314 038

Another big first was her first chocolate cookie! She had another little fever for a few days, but we still took her out for a cookie to cheer her up!

IPHONE pics 071314 013

Emmy has become much more independent over the past few months. She will play a little with her toys and doesn’t have to have me right next to her 100% of the time…only about 90 ;). Her favorite things to play with are her babies and accessories. She calls all of her babies Abby after her new cousin.

Emmy is a great eater. She loves all fruits, some veggies (broccoli, corn and avocados, especially), pizza, quesadillas, eggs, bread of any kind, rotisserie chicken, and anything she can dip into a sauce!

IPHONE pics 071314 047

Emmy watches one show on tv – Bubble Guppies. She has never watched with me, but watches with her dad and grandparents. She just now started watching a full episode.  Tommy and I don’t have games on our phones, but she loves to watch videos of herself and cousins. And she LOVES when she gets her grandparents’ phones with all of the fun games.

iphone pics 062314 029

Emmy is really vocal. Her favorite phrases right now are:

Emmy Do It

Noooooo, Mommmy!

Sit down

Wipe it up (as she pretends to spill milk on the floor)

She can identify most anything and answers questions really well. I think we will have quite a talker on her hands.

Other milestones:

Emmy is also really into buckles on high chairs, car seats, etc. She will spend a lot of time trying to get those done without any help. She is able to fully able to snap all the buckles on her old carrier.

She is also able to put her shoes (velcro, obviously) and pants on all by herself.

She can count to 5…however, she always misses the 4!

She knows the colors yellow, pink, blue and black.

Not sure this is a milestone, but this girl loves to climb. We definitely have a baby dare devil on our hands.

iphone pics 041414 148iphone pics 041414 252

We have had some sleep issues. We installed darkening panels in her room because she went from waking up at 7ish to waking around 6ish. The past two nights she has gotten up at 5:15. Ouch. I am hoping that is because she went to bed later those nights and we put her back down at 7:30 tonight. Wish me luck. Momma needs her sleep.

One last really cute thing she is doing is that she has calling the baby’s room, baby brother’s room! Ha!

We love our sweet girl so much and get so many laughs out of her! I can only imagine what the next three months has in store for us!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bumpdate Weeks 17 & 18

17 weeks18 weeks

How far along: 18 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 6 pounds

Maternity clothes: I have broken out the maternity shorts and bought a new pair of maternity jeans. I still haven’t ventured into the attic to get all of my old things. Basically, trying to wear anything normal that still fits!

Gender: Boy! Confirmed it at my doctor’s appointment this week!

Still no name, but really loved the ones you guys commented and texted to me! Keep them coming!

Movement: I feel him move a few times a day, but definitely not consistently. 

Sleep: Pretty decent. I am up at least once a night to go to the bathroom.  I had a really rough night of insomnia this past week, but slept like a rock since including a 2+ hour nap today that was heavenly!

Cravings: Chocolate chips and carbs! A salad also usually sounds good. And if you mention it, I probably want to eat it too.

Symptoms: I am way more worn out this time around. I think, though, I have it figured out. My level of exhaustion directly correlates with the number of toddler meltdowns I have experienced in one day. :) Needless to say, it has been a very tiresome few days! Ha!

What I am looking forward to: Seeing baby again, getting in the fabric samples I ordered and Tommy and I may do another overnight away soon, which sounds heavenly!

Best moments: Seeing baby boy this week and confirming that he is, indeed, a boy! Emmy sleeping until 8:30 on Friday morning. That was a dream that has never come true! (Though she was up at 6:25 this morning, so it was short lived.) Getting a great nap today! And beginning to think about his room and getting some fun ideas together!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bumpdate Weeks 15 & 16

iphone pics 062314 009

iphone pics 062314 055

Well, clearly I am not good at weekly posts. I obviously already have pregnancy brain as I thought I posted last week. Ha!

How far along: 16 weeks

Total Weight  Gain: 3-4 pounds

Maternity clothes: None so far. However, we have entered the stage where I am completely unable to button many of my pants. Yikes.

Gender: Boy. Ha! Haven’t seen a body part yet, though! Hoping the MaterniT21 test is right based on the amount of shopping I have done.

And while we are at it…we are at a complete impasse on names. I have many I like which are quickly nixed for sounding too much like a “lacrosse or boarding school name,” and how do I say this…he chose all the names he likes from a soccer website, so let’s just say they don’t really “fit.”

Oh, and having a kid after all of your friends is a bit of a problem because all the names seem to be taken! Here are some I like: Bennett, Beckett, Grayson and Ty (but not crazy about Tyson or Tyler, so that kind of eliminates that name). Some of these aren’t in the running because we have friends with kids that have these names and others because Tommy just straight up nixed. The only two names that neither of us have completely nixed are Deacon and Cade, though, we aren’t ready to commit to either.

Soooooo….if you have any unique, but not totally unusual names along these lines, I would LOVE to hear them!

Movement: I felt baby move up in my stomach this week. When I was pregnant with Emmy, I also very distinctively felt her move up.  However, this time I was fully standing! I also feel him here and there. Some days more than others.

Sleep: I had one full 7 hour stretch of sleep last week and it is glorious. I am able to fall asleep easily, and go back to sleep pretty easily after I go to the bathroom.

Cravings: If you mention it, I want it. I have been way more into carbs. Tonight I downed about 8 handfuls of chocolate chips, so I would say my sweet tooth is still here. I also do have a protein kick where I have to have something savory.

Symptoms: Round ligament pain, general aches and pains. One night I was up multiple times in the night and the next day I was so exhausted every muscle and bone in my body felt tired.

What I am looking forward to: Working on baby’s room. This week I am going with a friend who is due 10 days before me to a fabric store.

Also, Emmy loves to give the baby at Julie’s the sweetest hugs, so that will be precious…assuming she also loves her brother!

Best moments: Tommy and I had a one-night getaway to Arkansas and it was heavenly. We explored the town, took a nap, went to a nice dinner, turned the a/c down as low as it could go (a luxury since he likes to keep it about 74 in here), slept in and watched three episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Loved it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It’s a….

So, assuming the chromosome testing was correct (the MaterniT21 test said it is 99.4% accurate) and asking my doctor about 10 times in 10 different ways how accurate that test is….baby is a…

iphone pics 041414 189

Boy! Emmy was just as shocked as her daddy!

iphone pics 041414 191

iphone pics 041414 194

We are having a boy! I should have known! I definitely was 100 times more emotional and found myself craving a hamburger (I don’t eat red meat) at the beginning of my pregnancy. It will definitely be fun to have one of both!

The shopping, baby naming and nursery planning has commenced! We can’t wait to meet our little man and for Emmy to be a great big sister!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Secret Keeping

So I have been keeping a secret! We are so excited for Emmy to become a big sister this December! (She is still keeping a poker face on the whole matter.)

iphone pics 041414 297

I am going to try to do weekly bump date posts…but clearly I make no promises. Ha!

iphone pics 041414 128

iphone pics 041414 177

iphone pics 041414 209

iphone pics 041414 271

iphone pics 041414 304

Since it worked well last time, I am going to use my same baby survey. (I can’t tell you how glad I am that I documented my last pregnancy by weeks! So much helpful information!!!)

How far along: 16 weeks

How I found out/told Tommy: Well, things in my stomach just felt weird. I had a sharp stabbing pain a few days before my period was supposed to come (TMI alert – sorry!) and I swear I had round ligament pain. I was supposed to start my period on a Thursday, but didn’t and didn’t really want to do a pregnancy test. So I went on throughout my weekend. Friday night Tommy told me his sister was pregnant (I had a girls’ night that night so I missed the announcement) and I was shocked! I told him I thought I was too and asked if he thought I should do a pregnancy test. He told me “no.” Ha! So I went until Sunday and still nothing had happened, so I decided to take one and it said positive!  I wrapped the test up in a plastic baggy (you probably won’t find this idea on pinterest) and had Emmy hand deliver it to him. He was shocked and I thought it was cute (albeit a little gross maybe) that she was involved in the “announcement.”  We told our family at a dinner when I was about 6 weeks with a key lime pie (so fitting) with Baby S coming 2014. My mom totally didn’t get it. We had to spell it out for her! It was fun to see everyone surprised!

Total Weight  Gain: A couple of pounds? I have not had the same scale, so sometimes it is more or less depending on the week.

Maternity clothes: None so far. I am not looking forward to buying winter ones to wear for just a few months!!

Gender: Coming tomorrow! (If I can get it together!) We did the Maternity21 chromosome test, so we found out when I was about 11 or 12 weeks along. So, so fun to know that early!!! (And so, so thankful baby’s test came back negative!)

Movement: I have felt kicks/flutters here and there. I can feel some at night more prominently, but definitely nothing consistent or strong.

Sleep: It is fine. I wake up at least once a night to go to the restroom. At the very, very beginning I was having trouble sleeping and would be up at all hours of the night worried about how Emmy would handle a  new little addition. I have since gotten over this as I don’t hate my parents for giving me a sister J.

Cravings: Salads, salt and vinegar chips, baked French fries, lemony things, sweet things, really anything. Yesterday I HAD to have tortilla soup. I have also HAD to have a Braums vanilla mix with Heath Bar. Similar to my previous pregnancy.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing baby again and working on the nursery!

Best moments: Finding out that the chromosome test was negative. I was so very thankful! Finding out the gender! Seeing the baby move last week at my appointment!

Any guesses as to pink or blue?

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